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LC-ZX15 Linear Coordinate Grasp Carton Filling Machine

Automatic High Speed Carton/Case Filling Solution
Widely used in the industries such as drinking water,beverage, dairy,etc
Advanced automation technology 
Servo Motor + PLC Controlling
Packing Speed: 15 Cartons / Minute
Young Chance Pack, Packaging Future Together !

    Brief Introduction
    As high efficient packaging equipment, LC-ZX15 Linear Coordinate Grasp Carton Filling Machine is designed with airbag grip and manufactured with high automatic operation for carton filling. It can be applied to various sizes of cartons and plastic baskets.   
    Main Features
    *   It is specially designed for automatic packaging production lines in such industries as edible oil, condiments, fruit and vegetable juice, carbonated beverage, etc.
    *   The main drive adopts servo motor control and PLC control technology with man-machine interface, featured by fast communication capability, powerful diagnosis function and high degree of automation.
    *   It adopts side bottle feeding, takes small floor space, simplifies the conveying system before the case packer and reduces investment for the whole line equipment.
    *   It adopts linear guide rail translation, with more advanced and reasonable structure, easier and more stable action and less power consumption.
    *   It adopts multi-stage pressure reducing bottle feeding, avoiding the occurrence of bottle falling and aligning the bottle grasping head with the product accurately with high stability.
    *   Conforming to national safety standards, it is provided with various protection functions. Alarms will be given timely in case of malfunctions and the machine will be stopped for protection.
    Machine Applications 
      -  Suitable for various size of carton/plastic cases.
      -  Widely used in industries as Drinking Water, Beverage, Beer, Juice, Dairy, Condiment, food, medicine, automobile, electronics, etc. 

    Business Opportunities
    As one of the most competitive brands in the packaging industry, Young Chance Pack has successfully provided a complete solution for all kinds of drinking water, beverage, juice, beer, dairy, condiment, food industries. 
    Product Specification
    1) Packaging Product :Bottles for packing cartons and plastic baskets of various sizes. 
    2) Carton/case Packing Layers: One Layer / Two Layers

    Machine Specification
    1) Machine Dimension: 1200×1600×2300 mm
    2) Packaging Speed:10 Cartons/Minute - 13 Cartons / Minute
    3) Power: 5.5 KW
    4) Working Air Pressure: 0.4 - 0.6 Mpa 
    5) Air Consumption: 30 NL /minute
    6) Packaging Form:Plastic Framed Cases and Cartons packing ( Full automatic air bype grasping head)
    7) Packaging Material : Cardboard Carton or Plastic Cases 

    Order Information
    To help us make sure this model is suitable for you, please kindly provide the following information with your inquiry:
    1) Details of your product (Dimensions, Photos and Drawings)
    2) Packaging Quantities for each carton
    3) Packaging Capacity Required (How many bottles/cans for each hour on the current/planned production line)
    4) The Layout Drawing of workshop (Optional, just help us prepare arrangement of the machine)
    5) The Height of current production line (Optional, just help us confirm the height of conveying system)
    6) Other usful information which might helpful.
    Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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