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How to carry out daily maintenance of automatic packaging machine?

Time:2020-04-13 Views:65
The normal operation of automatic packaging machine needs routine maintenance.

Now YoungChancePack will come to talk with you about the daily maintenance of automatic packaging machine.

1. Fasten the parts of the automatic packaging machine, and adjust the size of the machine according to the size of the package.         
2. Pay attention to the regular lubrication of the joint of parts. The most important thing is that during the season change, the enterprise should clean the machine thoroughly again, and the storage of supporting facilities should be absolutely sealed. In addition, the whole machine should be kept in a dry environment to ensure that the vacuum packaging machine is not corroded by liquid and other materials. 
3. Before operating the automatic packaging machine, you must read the instructions in detail, be familiar with the adjustment and use methods, and be sure to operate according to the instructions.   
4. Check the sealing cloth (polytetrafluoroethylene) of the lower hot pressing frame frequently for foreign matters and flatness to ensure the sealing strength. Always check whether the machine grounding is in good contact to ensure the safe use of electricity.

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