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Tin Can Energy Drink Turnkey Process Production Packing Machines

Secondary Packaging Solutions with market competitiveness
PET Canned Beverage Products
Whole plant planning, production line layout design
Production Line Capacity: 150 Cans/Min - 1200 Cans/Min

Young Chance Pack, Packaging Future Together ! 

    Brief Introduction

    Total automation is the best solution for manufacturers with large production runs and high product demand. The cost of automation work completed by automated packaging companies is justified by the number of products coming off the line daily. Carton erector, case packing, carton sealer, labeling machine, strapping machine, film shrink wrapper, conveyor line, robotic palletizing, vertical transfer system are all parts of a fully automated, high speed packaging line.
    Not only packing machine manufacturer, Young Chance Pack also professional packaging solutions provider. 

    Main Features

    * Undertake the whole transportation and packaging production line after filling.            
    * Provide the whole plant planning, production line layout design, product packing machine palletizing plan and so on.            
    * To provide you with a competitive packaging solution

    Business Opportunities and Application

    * Fruit juice beverage production lines, carbonated beverage production lines, herbal tea beverage production lines, protein beverage production lines; water/soda water and other beverage production lines. 

    Technical Specifications

    * Major equipment includes (but is not limited to): empty can unloader, empty can sterilizing and cleaning machine, bottle/box/bag/pallet conveying system, electrical control system, air drying device, can tippler, heat shrinkable film packaging machine, carton packing machine, palletizing machine, etc. The cooling/warm can spray tunnel, cage loading and unloading machine and auxiliary equipment can be configured according to the beverage technology. Machine, filling and sealing machine, finished product detection, sterilization kettle, inkjet printer, etc.           
    * Provide a competitive packaging solution.           
    * Production line: 150 cans / hour - 1200 cans / hour.
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